Friday, September 28, 2007

My own quick post with lots of songs.

As participation in this revival here, and to show my brotherhood, I'm copping the style of the previous post (and also because I'm a bit lazy). So here are a whole bunch of songs I've been into lately.


Chromatics and Glass Candy have always sounded almost too much alike, but they both do the icey, detatched italo-disco thing really well. Here is perhaps the best song they've ever put out:


I'm in a bit of a post-rock revival these days, listening to a lot Trans Am and Do Make Say Think, but this song really stands out among that stuff mostly because of the first 30 seconds. If you've never heard 'American Don', keep in mind that this is one guitar + loop pedals. As well, Ian Williams, the guitarist, is now in Battles which is one more reason I've been digging up the Don Cab stuff lately.


Cryptograms is one of my favourite albums of 2007, although this isn't technically on it. It's on the Fluorescent Grey EP which comes attached to the album - still, it seems as though it would have a perfect place between Cryptogram's 'pop' songs and their ambient ones. Like New strikes a quiet balance between the two, and is my favourite song of theirs.


Well, I've renamed myself "thekidsarealright" because I've also been listening to The Who's My Generation LP a lot these days as well. In high school, my favourite band was The Jam, and I'd always read about Paul Weller's devotion and self proclaimed mimicry of The Who, and listening to Happy Jack I just didn't get it. It didn't have the punch or the loud R&B kick that The Jam were all about. Luckily, I discovered My Generation and now it all makes sense. Here is the first song on that record.

Alright, well that wasn't "lots" of songs, but 4. Only because I have to run out now. Comment on these and I'll definitely be posting more later.


Blogger MTD said...

I really like that Chromatics song, and your description of them and Glass Candy was dead on. I never knew I felt that way until I read what you wrote, and now I'll never forget. The Don Cab is great though i've never really gotten into post-rock. I got a bit into Trans Am, a bit into the Fucking Champs, a bit into Oxes, pretty into Ghosts and Vodka (but mostly b/c of my love for all things Capn Jazz and Joan of Arc at the time), and I'm still not really into Battles, though I've liked what I've heard so far and I should probably get into it. I liked Don Cab the most but there's something about this type of music that I just don't care about, I'm sure live I'd love it, but it doesn't bring out any strong emotions for me. I like your story about the Jam, and I went through a similar thing with listening to Mods n Rockers every monday and JC constantly going on about The Who, and me not getting their influence until later on in life.

11:52 AM  
Blogger The Deadly Mantis said...

I'd always wanted to hear Don Caballero and now I have. That song is really good.

9:32 AM  

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