Saturday, November 25, 2006

I have no idea who The Left Banke are or where I got this song from, but it came on my random iTunes about an hour ago and I've listened to it several times since. Oh well, I guess a big backstory or write-up isn't always necessary. Listen:

And to completely change the pace, here is a song with an amazing ending that you may know already: D.E.A.D. R.A.M.O.N.E.S by Modern Life is War.


Anonymous Mike.L. said...

Nice, diggin'.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous ghl said...

Don't Walk Away Renee...

That's a good Left Bank song. Riders of Beatles' coat tails deserving of little more than insouciance, but 'cause I loathe the Beatles I dig 'em. Some catchy songs, and always poorly produced, which I sometimes like.


12:30 AM  
Anonymous Shaun said...

The Left Banke were from NYC. Great stuff. My friend paid around $25 for their LP at a record show a little while back and it was worth every penny.

10:23 AM  
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