Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I guess I should step this shit up two notches...

A week later and I'm still going to post an Olympia song, and another song by a guy that probably borrows a lot more from that scene than you would think.

A real hot dance number from Dub Narcotic Sound System, "Fuck Me Up" came out as a 12" expecting to get played at dance clubs worldwide. Yeah, likely not, but when we think of punk rock and punk influenced music it certainly isn't released as a 12". I suppose you could make the argument that it's too long to fit on a 7", but they knew what they were aiming for. A punk rock floor burner if there ever was one.

Next up, King Dutch Motese AKA Greg Ebberhard AKA the singer of Slow Hand Motem is quite a dude. He writes some really funky ("fonke" as he says) jams about all sorts of wacky things. This time, it's Ebbz solo with a sampled beat talking about how great it is to have the house to yourself, which is more pragmatic than his lyrics on the Motem record. If you come to Hamilton, you should really meet this guy. Hopefully this track illustrates his life for you.

Fuck Me Up - Dub Narcotic Sound System

Home Alone - King Dutch Motese

-Mike Long


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