Sunday, October 29, 2006

More of a lullaby than a smooth soul love ballad, "Liza" by Bill Withers is, as is stated at the beginning of the song, about "that kind of affection that's there between a worldly old uncle and a very innocent young niece."

There's a whole lot of weird in that sentence, but you get over it once the first verse kicks in. The song is beautiful, and much more interesting than his funky Womack-ish moments that tend to feel instantly dated.

"Liza" is taken from the oddly titled +'Justments (1974) LP, probably Bill Withers' best. Last I checked it still hasn't been reissued.



Anonymous Graeme said...

This and the songs from the below post wont upload to me. Arrgh! They sound interesting.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Mike Long said...

Womack has a lot of dated shit, that's for sure, but he certainly released some stuff that holds up better than most stuff from the '68-'72 period. After that, he's dated like bread.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Zach said...

Here here, Mike Long. He's got his moments.

And, Graeme, that's weird. I'm inexperienced with these things. Maybe I should switch to Sendspace. I guess that's the best one, huh?

8:03 PM  

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