Thursday, October 04, 2007

Eggs and Bakey

Received a late-evening e-mail the night before last which let me know of some work I could do for possible reward. Scurried around yesterday morning, wrote with a fury rarely summoned, biked uphill and through traffic, and bowed before droogs. Wrapped everything up around 2:00, and took notice of my hunger. Ran to a Dep, grabbed a coke & this sticky apple-cinnamon bun, which was sealed tightly in thick plastic. Asked the guy on cash if I can pay with a debit, he says -- sorry, no. But we share a protracted conversation about this fellow's willingness to allow for debit payments of any amount, the attitudes of his boss -- who had put his foot down, and my history of similar exchanges here and elsewhere. Conspiracy and counter-conspiracy afoot in this game to be sure! At least now I know I have an ally. I ask for a pack of smokes, and he proceeds to punch it through. Gather up my order: now smokes, a coke, and this spongey old bun. Tote the junk out and suggest -- Breakfast of Champions, Uh huh? -- Yeah, with a cigarette for desert!

Never have I had the opportunity to make that joke! Not sure if it's funny, but this first go gives me pause to think -- perhaps.

A more fitting morning meal:

DivShare File - My Name is Nobody.aif

"My Name is Nobody" -- Ennio Morricone, from some flick of the same name (1973). Anyone seen it? This file is an aiff because I recorded it off a record. Not so advanced that I can figure out how to convert to mp3.

DivShare File - 06 Aisere I Love You.m4a

"Aisere I Love You" -- from Le Monde Fabuleux des Yamasuki, which was some great collabo between these spaced out French composers and a Japanese dance troupe with the goal of producing an instructional dance album for children. Not sure how properly pedagogical this is supposed to be, and for that I love it. This one's a slow one, but they rock out too.


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