Saturday, January 19, 2008


Although more than commonplace these days, using synths and having, for lack of a better term, an “80s” sound was about as uncool as you could get in the mid-90s, at the height of grunge. Well, it was in this musical climate that Long Island quintet My Favorite was formed. Maybe that’s why whatever nostalgia My Favorite’s music may recall does not come across as contrived, ironic, or trendy. Instead their music sounds heartfelt and honest. When they sing about a high school girl daydreaming about Morrissey and Johnny Marr in “Working Class Jacket” it doesn’t come across as hipster name-dropping, it paints a picture of what The Smiths mean and have meant to confused, lonely teens for the last 20 years. That teenage suburban melancholy permeates all of My Favorite’s songs and the trading of male and female vocals (recalling the underrated 80’s band Prefab Sprout) make them seem relatable to everyone. Like I feel like there’s an army of disillusioned youths listening to this at the same moment I am, in love and in hate with the same things as me. Dreaming the same dreams. Umm…or something like that.

Working Class Jacket

My Favorite is actually not as keyboard driven as you might expect; guitars are still at the forefront and their sound is more rooted in punk than synth-pop. Essentially, they just pick up where New Order and The Smiths left off instead of simply rehashing their sound like so many current bands (not mentioning any names...thekillersshewantsrevengethebraveryetcetc...).

17 Berlin

When singer Andrea Vaughn left the band in 2005 they decided to call it a day, however most (all?) remaining members recently formed The Secret History who I have yet to hear but look forward to.

Let's Stay Alive


Anonymous Motherball/The Babe said...

The first two songs remind me of Dog Day, only everything is more refined, characterized by a consummate execution. Me thinks that I like Dog Day better. The 3rd song sounds like New Order for sure.

11:35 AM  
Blogger MTD said...

Graeme, I have to disagree, I can't quite see the link between My Favorite and Dog Day, other than both sounding like they're from the 90s, I can't really find much that sounds similar between them (this also might be because I've listened to these My Favorite songs once and the Dog Day album a countless number of times, i love them).I suppose in Working Class Jacket, it starts with some of the intensity and disinterest that characterizes Dog Day, but after that I don't really see the connection, what am I missing? I feel sometimes that my weird love for Dog Day has made me put things on them that aren't there, as something really singular. Anyway, some thoughts: Working Class Jacket starts off a bit like the Vaselines, but then gets more organized and focused. I like it, though I'm not sure about the post chorus bit. Berlin seems to predict the mid to late nineties Polyvinyl emo sound, though not strictly sticking to the regular mid 90s emo sound but branching out and getting a little more dancey and sonically interesting.
I'm not too into the last song. I can agree with Matt, that this band seems to be using this form and genre whole heartedly, and not using it as some sort of ironic or "neat" trick to play tired formulaic pop music. I can't figure out what seems more honest about these guys, maybe the lack of syruppy hooks or ridiculous vocals. Sounds good, this is the first time i've heard and heard of this band.

9:11 PM  
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