Saturday, October 06, 2007


I saw Parts & Labor not too long ago at Sneaky Dees. The crowd was sparse and relatively unenthusiastic and you could tell the band was pretty bummed out - it was kind of awkward for everybody. Partially because I felt bad, and partially because I had already downloaded some of the record and liked it, I picked up their Mapmaker LP at the end of the show and walked away marginally satisfied. The album is mostly pretty decent although it can stray in some uninteresting directions at times, and I'm actually quite glad the drummer left as I thought he really overplayed in that band. Anyhow, here is the song that is worth the purchase of the album:

Regulations are a Swedish band that are pretty good at balancing '77 style punk rock with 80's hardcore. The formula works most of the time on last year's Electric Guitar featuring some pretty rad cut/paste cover art. Here is my favourite, Laugh At Me (Ha Ha Ha) featuring a pretty awesome 3rd verse breakdown that always makes me happy:

Lastly, here's a song called "Not A Substitute" by Jay Reatard, whom I saw at the Silver Dollar on Thursday, put on by the always entertaining and bizzare Dan Burke. Jay and his band played for a mere 20 minutes, and walked off ignoring encore requests, but got through all the "hits" off Blood Visions so I was good. I also did the same thing I always do whenever I'm drunk and at a show - I'm up front and accidentally step on a smashed beer bottle then try to bat the shards of glass off my shoe with my hand. I've got this nasty cut on my middle finger and I'm wearing a band-aid cause it keeps re-opening every time I put on my jeans (for some reason). And now, Jay Reatard:


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I can't get enough of Jay Reatard, he's exactly what i've needed. I wish he would play Edmonton, but who does? not many people. I also like REgulations, I've never heard of them before. I've heard stories about dan burke, though i've never met him. The big one I've heard was that he got this guy into crack three years ago and the guy can't kick the habit, and he's still on crack, thanks to this Dan character. sounds like a sweetheart. Parts and Labour I know nothing about, when it started i thought i was in a time warp, but the vocal line is so much different than the song that it's much more interesting than i initially thought. I like it, it's got that hint of familiarity with a touch of novelty. I'll get something new up soon.

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